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Poultry Production is Extremely Lucrative Business but Also The Highest Technology + The Highest Management


We present four New Confident innovations in Broilers which is a huge Revolution in World poultry, this efficiency Method of Management is The Best in The World

If birds in your poultry houses need to be forced or stimulated for eating, it means you haven't be successful in providing the best conditions for eating feed.

Stimulating bird for taking feed means:"Creating false appetite"

Can you be successful in your productive industry only by creating false appetite?

Where is the Real appetite of bird? How we can find it?

We confidently announce that:

We have ended to this big problem by our inventions:

Birds in our inspected poultry farm eat their feed with most willing and also they go to sleep when they want.

There is no need to stimulating them for more eating , on the contrary bird's willing for eating is as much as we have to be alert of their more gluttony. Because it ends to over-gaining weight.

The latest records from one of poultry farms during 2 months ago indicates that:

The average weight of broilers of 38 days is 2380 grams and also broilers in 46 day of life are 3275 grams.

It's worthy to mention , we have no mortality in our poultry houses

Of course non-mortality certificate is already available in our site.

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