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9/24/2012 5:06:28 PM
Is it a dream: To put an end Casualties in Our Poultry Farms?!

Is it a dream ?!:  To put an end Casualties in Our Poultry Farms

   A great deal of Poultry Farm's mortalities is caused by a phenomenon  which is known by name of " Suddenly Death Syndrome" SDS"  , It occurs when the bird accidental will have heart-attack.

   A sever inner bleeding will be observed during autopsy, Internal parts of body will be filled with blood. It occurs Completely  suddenly,In these cases no accurate reason will be found.

    All of experts in the world believe that its an unsolvable problem and they suggest some prescriptions which are not actually applicable and useful

    In their openion these mortalities seem as usual and they say poultry producers and farm-owners have to be patient , it means"grin and bear it"

    Unfortunately many poultry producers think  there is no absolute treatment , this tension  is a stress which all of poultry producers are contracted with in around the world

    Isn't  there actually  a cure? Our answer is "NO"  not only We announce  proudly it's completely solveable ,but also it has apparently some simple  solutions , which are applicable and precise

    If  we keep away birds from any stress and if we take care of mental health of birds and also observe systematically  management of our poultry houses ,it means each  element of managements ,by itself  is important and critical.

     Each part of management should be operated ON TIME , with appropriate arrangement and cooperation with other managements, Only in this case we will be able to put an end to this harmful problem ,even we can completely nullify it .

To put it more clearly and clarify,here we give an example from human body:

    "just after each meal ,digestion and absorption will be started when food is entered to digestive organ stomach and other parts of digestive organ will be started to work,        These activated organs  need to more blood transfusion for having more nutrition and more activity , so the number and intensity of heartbeat will be increased for preparing more volume of blood ,  Consequently respiratory organ will have more activity as usual mood ,  Of course this is just only in the mood of rest

     Now , if you take your food in a hurry and high stress , obviously the number and intensity of your heartbeats will be  increased  as well.

    More over if you have over-eating or gluttony, the number and amount of your heartbeats and breaths will be highly doubled

If the food is taken with any kind of stress, you will have doubled heartbeat ,doubled breathing and also incomplete , irregular  breathing.

Now if you go to bed immediately after your meal , you can hear your increasing intensity of your heart-beats on your pillow.

Then you will be restless and you severly can go  into a deep and calm sleep.

 It's suggested you take your meal in a calm situation , with relax and without no stress and hurriness.

We Conclude: The mental hygiene, has a fundamental rule in digestion and absorption of your food , when you're careless toward this matter , so you will certainly confront with many problems such as: Digestion ,stomach disorders and weakness of other parts of your body.

But when you emphasize on your mental hygien or if you prevent any kind of stress, So you will have regular heart-beats,complete breathing  and order blood pressure. Consequently  you will  have a correct digestion and absorbtion ,then your health improvement is ever-increasing and noticeable . This matter is applicable for birds too.

Here for more clearing , we make prevalent similarities of human body and birds:

Many of poultry producers and ownerfarms in the world suggest stimulating and forcing  birds for eating  their feed. While it,s completely wrong.

The birds have no need to be stimulated  for feeding. If they're not willing to eat their feed,it,s just because of: incorrect systems in poultry houses,weak management,inappropriate equipments and also establishments are not choosen in accordance with physical and mental health of birds.

If all of above cases are correctly operated, not only birds never prevent eating  but also  we have to take care of their over gluttony.

The biggest error of a poultry producer is forcing or stimulating birds for eating, for he is the first one who harms his own farm. When birds run for eating , they actually bear three different stresses: first, stress which is caused  by forcing for eating. second  stress for running, third one for hurriness and winning in eating.

Meanwhile increasing heart-beats caused by digestion will be added to above.

Of course there is a difference between bird and human body:

By each stimulating, bird will eat double amount even if he is full. It means that when you stimulate one time, he will eat One more times again.So it causes more gluttony and increasing heart-beats.

Now you imagine what will be happened for this delicious and digestible being?

What amount of stress he will bear? And you imagine how this little being will be harmed by increasing heartbeats ,gasping for breathing, shortness of breath, irregular blood pressure.?

The obvious result of these mis –managements is tearing of blood vessels-all of inner parts of body will be injured seriously, and causes the bird's death.

Many of unknown diseases which are due to bad managing will end to chronic diseases and finally ends to death of this valuable being

…………to be continued


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